A number of tour operators, travel agents and media personnel from Brazil now have increased knowledge of Barbados and what this country has to offer.

The group was given this opportunity during a recent breakfast event hosted by Barbados??? Embassy in Brazil as part of its drive to give greater exposure to Barbados in its capital city, Brasilia.

In her welcome remarks, Ambassador Yvette Goddard stated that the Embassy had endeavoured to undertake more collaborations of this nature in order for Brazilians resident in Bras??lia to learn more about Barbados, its people and culture.

The Breakfast event entitled ???Conhe??a os encantos de Barbados??? (Discover Barbados??? Treasures), was supported by the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.???s representative in S??o Paulo, Mrs. Gisele Abrah??o who was the featured presenter.

In addition to giving an overview of the history of the island, Mrs. Abrah??o explained that with the introduction of the weekly GOL flight, Barbados had become much more accessible to Brazilians.

The participants were treated to several Brazilian and Barbadian breakfast treats, including fish cakes. Also on display were Barbadian products. (Embassy of Barbados, Bras??lia/BGIS)

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