Pictured is the winning entry ‘Breaker’ from the Coastal Hazard Mascot Competition. The mascot??was created by ten-year-old Tabion Marshall of the Roland Edwards Primary School.(S Cox/BGIS)

Breaker is Barbados’ coastal hazard mascot, and will be the face used in public awareness campaigns to sensitise the public about tsunamis and other coastal hazards.

The poster depicting Breaker was revealed for the first time during a prize-giving ceremony at the Crane Beach Resort yesterday.

Ten-year-old Tabion Marshall, of the Roland Edwards Primary School, captured the winner’s prize of an iPad Mini, while his school won $1,000 for his interpretation of what Barbados’ coastal hazard mascot should look like.

During the opening ceremony, Tabion told members of the audience, including Minister of Home Affairs, Adriel Brathwaite, that Breaker’s feet resembled shock waves, while the arrows depicted converging plates; one spur represented the winter swells and the other, the moon, that causes the tides to change. Breaker’s eyes are cyclones, his hair, a tsunami wave and the arms, tidal waves.

Nine-year-old Michaela Ward of the Providence Elementary School captured the second prize with her depiction of Princess Baje the Flying Fish. She won a Kindle Fire, while her school received $750 to assist with the purchase of supplies.

The third prize of a digital camera went to 11-year-old Niann Thompson, for her Coral Man: Protector of the Coastal Zone poster and the St. Alban’s Primary School received a $500 reward to assist with the purchase of supplies.

The competition, which was officially launched on January 23, was hosted by the Technical Standing Committee on Coastal Hazards and the Barbados Government Information Service, in an effort to engage and educate children about coastal hazards faced by this island and about their potential impact.

The posters, designed by primary school students from Classes Three and Four, were judged on creativity, colour, concept and originality. The winning design will be used to create the mascot, while all other designs submitted will be used as exercise book covers for schools, as posters and desk plans for teachers and Government departments.

A total of 36 entries from four Primary schools, St. Albans, Roland Edwards, Providence Elementary School and Cuthbert Moore, and one home schooled student entered the competition.


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