Business leaders are being encouraged to bring the changes they wanted in legislation to the attention of policymakers.

Stressing that that was not an indication that everything they wanted would be agreed to, Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite stated it was not enough for them to ???sit in caucus and discuss the changes they wanted and not ensure that it was brought to the attention of policymakers???.

He was at the time addressing the monthly lunchtime lecture of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), where members of the business community gathered to: Hear Barbados??? Plans to Improve Its Competitiveness through the Legal Framework to ensure a more Enabling Business Environment, at Hilton Barbados, yesterday.

He noted that Executive Director of the BCCI, Lisa Gale, had already identified the Shops Act, the Securities Act, the Companies Act, the Customs Act, regulations to the Insolvency Act, the Bankruptcy Act, the Tourism Development Act, the Employment Rights Act, the Exchange Control Act and regulations and the Stamp Duty Act, as being some of the legislation in need of attention.

???If there are pieces of legislation that you have brought to our attention that you believe are in need of reform and it has not been done, then I can trace for you where it is in the system,??? Mr. Brathwaite told those present.

However, the Attorney General stated that while he was always available for dialogue, persons needed to ensure that their concerns were addressed to the relevant ministry.

In explaining how the system worked, Mr. Brathwaithe said that he could initiate drafting in matters relating to the Royal Barbados Police Force and the Barbados Fire Service under the Office of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Home Affairs respectively.

But, he added, subject areas which fell under other ministries first need to have the necessary dialogue with the stakeholders, failing which stumbling blocks would be met.

???Ours is a partnership and where there are areas that we as a Government, and I as Attorney General, can improve how you do your business???in terms of my ability to initiate legislation, given the fact that my colleagues and I meet at least once a week, I can take matters forward on your behalf,??? Mr. Brathwaite affirmed.

He stressed that Government???s role was to facilitate business on their behalf because it meant employment and progress. ???You are essential to us continuing on this developmental path,??? he said.

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