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When the Electoral Department resumes its registration services on June 6 at the centres in each constituency, members of the public will have to provide additional copies of some documents in order to complete their registration.

All persons must produce their original documents and one copy of the documents, whether registering for the first time, making a change to their registration or seeking to replace their Identification Card.

Documents which must be presented in support of a person’s name, place of birth and date of birth are: Birth Certificate (for non-nationals who cannot produce a birth certificate, the passport and a copy of the page with the personal details will be accepted for new registrations only); Registrar’s Certificate (for a change of name done under the Change of Name Act); Marriage Certificate; Registered Deed Poll; Decree Absolute; Sworn Affidavit; and Register of Adopted Persons Certificate.

Non-citizens are also required to bring the original and one copy of their documents, including the status letter issued by the Chief Immigration Officer in support of their immigration status.

Documents which must be presented in support of a person’s immigration status are: Citizenship – Citizenship document; Immigrant – Immigrant Status Certificate; Work Permit – Work Permit Certificate; Permanent Resident – Permanent Resident Status Certificate; Student Visa – Entry Permit; and CDB staff & Dependents – Status Certificate.

In addition, a CARICOM Skilled Graduate must produce a Status Certificate; persons registering for Right to Establishment must bring an Entry Permit; and those requiring a Special Entry Permit must present an Entry Permit.

Spouses of persons with work permits for a period in excess of one year must produce a stamp in their passport indicating such; spouses of CARICOM Skilled Graduate, a Status Certificate; and those persons permitted to work must produce a Reside and Work Certificate.

If the immigration document is stamped in the passport, a copy of that page must also be presented.

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