A Broomefield, St. Lucy, family is elated after receiving the keys to two newly-built homes.

Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development, Steve Blackett handed over the keys to the two houses, located side-by-side, to sisters Sandra and Erme Hinds, earlier this week.

The homes, which were built under the Ministry???s Identification Stabilisation Enablement and Empowerment Bridge Programme (ISEE), in collaboration with the National Assistance Board, saw 30 families, one from each constituency, being selected for the programme.

The families were selected by social workers from the Ministry, and had to own land which was free of legal disputes.

???The aim of the programme is to address inter-generational poverty, where families have been stricken by poverty from generation to generation. We are trying to combat that,??? Mr. Blackett explained.

Family friend, Vincent Murrell, thanked the National Assistance Board and the Ministry of Social Care for assisting the Hinds family, adding that the sisters were truly grateful for the help received.

The three-bedroom and two-bedroom houses were built by Blue Star Construction Limited in just over six weeks at an estimated cost of $69,000 and $64,200 respectively. The second phase of the ISEE programme is expected to begin next year.


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