Acting Minister of the Environment and Drainage, George Hutson (right), listens attentively as Mark Hill of Innogen Technology explains how the photo voltaic project?? operates, during the Arbor Day celebrations. (A. Miller/BGIS)

The operations of B’s Recycling and other recycling plants across Barbados came in for high praise during the just concluded National Arbor Day celebrations at the National Conservation Commission (NCC).

Acting Minister of the Environment and Drainage, George Hutson, commended the work of the Cane Garden, St. Thomas company and similar recycling.

Speaking during Saturday’s Arbor Day celebrations under the theme: Trees the Circle of Life at the NCC’s Codrington House, St. Michael headquarters, Mr. Hutson noted that: "Plastic bottle caps, plastic bottles and containers [such as] Clorox containers, fabric softener containers…, are chipped into tiny pieces for packaging and exporting and most importantly, earning much needed foreign exchange."

But, he noted, that despite such efforts residents in Barbados continued to have a poor record of cleaning up their environment, and continued to litter without embarrassment.

Acting Minister of the Environment and Drainage, George Hutson (second form left), looks on as an NCC employee gives a demonstration during the Arbor Day activities. (A. Miller/BGIS)

The Minister also charged that many in the country still had not begun to separate their domestic garbage into plastics, paper and biodegradable items and glass.

"We insist on putting all our garbage into one bag, and putting it in front of the house, especially if it is a neighbour’s house or empty lot. We still insist on dumping garbage into our gully systems and our industrial waste in the bush," he charged.

Mr. Hutson warned that such practices would only further encourage the breeding of mice, rats, African snails…, and present challenges to the island’s health care system and water resources.

However, he pointed out that companies like B’s Recycling played a critical role in the recycling process and efforts to clean-up Barbados’ environment.


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