Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Carson Browne, has reiterated the importance of the timely delivery of statistics to help technocrats to formulate policies to deal with the global economic crisis.

He made this observation today while addressing the opening ceremony of the Modernisation of the Barbados Statistical Services’ (BSS) Project-Launch Workshop at  Almond Bay, Hastings, Christ Church. The project, executed in conjunction with the Inter-American Development Bank, would strengthen the BSS’ capacity to become a leader in the provision of relevant, timely and quality economic and social statistics.

In outlining the benefits of the project to Barbados’ policy-making capabilities, Mr. Browne alluded to the creation of a statistics network to improve the cooperation between the BSS and other government agencies that are also involved in the compilation of statistical data.

Another component of the programme, he said, was the creation of a human resource management system. This system would encompass a re-organisation of current human resource practices and the training of BSS and other agency staff leading to improvements of its statistical products.

Mr. Browne also said that the project would involve an enhanced communication technologies system that would allow the public to have greater access to the products offered by the BSS.

He further pointed out that: “We are aware of the stresses and strains being encountered by economies all over the world as a result of the current global crisis. At such a time as this, it is important to have timely and reliable information to assist policy makers in making their decisions.”

The Permanent Secretary also said that the expedient delivery of statistics was also crucial to Government’s economic early warning system. “Such a system is crucial in the development of relevant leading economic and financial indicators, through the compilation of data that will facilitate the timely assessment of the prevailing economic and financial situation.”

Mr Browne also said: “I need not point out how important it is to have quality information readily available to assist when deciding on appropriate measures to be adopted during a financial crisis.”

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