Officials from the Barbados Statistical Service (BSS) are currently in field collecting data in a number of districts in the northern, southern, eastern and central parts of Barbados as part of its labour force survey.

In an earlier statement, the BSS had indicated that none of its officers were working in the Middleton, St. George area.?? However, since the 2010 Population and Housing Census, some of the Enumeration Districts have been realigned and a section of Middleton is in fact, included in the list of districts in which the BSS enumerators are currently working.

The official apologised to the residents of Middleton and urged them to cooperate with the enumerators when they visited the district.

Apart from Middleton, the BSS are is gathering information in other areas in St. George including Jordan’s, Elcock Road, Jericho, Fairview Crescent, Dash Valley, Watts Village, Glebe Land, South District and Boarded Hall.

In St. Michael, the BSS will be visiting householders living in the following districts: King William Street, Vine Street, Wellington Street, Queen Street, Pickwick Gap, New Orleans, Ashdeane Village, Brighton Terrace, Deacons Farm, Piedmont Park, Long Gap, Grazettes, White Hall and Scotts Terrace.

They will also be conducting interviews in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Avenue Grazettes, Eden Lodge, Austin’s Drive, Dacosta Drive, Cave Hill, Well Gap, Lodge Hill, Wilkinson Road, President Kennedy Drive, Kew Road, Industry Road, Marine Road, Station Hill, Godding Road, Belleview Gap, Bridge Road, Flint Hall and Bay Gardens.

The BSS team will also traverse the districts of Bayview Avenue, Watermill Place, Walcott Avenue, Chelsea Road, Palm Tree Place, Beckles Hill, Midway Lane, Phillips Road, St. Ann’s Road, Villa Road, Laynes Road, Brydens Avenue and Brittons Park.

The enumerators will also be in the Christ Church districts of Club Morgan, Clapham Drive, Sargeant’s Village, Bartlett’s Tenantry, Kendal Hill, Silver Hill, Cane Vale, Welches, Ashby Land, Kingsland Gardens, Kingsland Terrace, St. Patrick’s, Bright Hill, Walrond, Charnocks, Hopefield Development, Chancery Lane and Seaview Road.

While in St. Philip, the enumerators will visit Sandford, Eastbourne, River Land, Shewsbury Gardens, Foul Bay, Sargeant’s Park, Heddings, Diamond Valley, Crane Park, Union Road, Stroud Land, Peat Bay, Apple Hall, Bottom Bay and Sandy Hill.??

The team will also stop at Venture and Sherbourne in St. John, and the St. Joseph districts of Airy Hill Tenantry, Lammings, Braggs Hill, Chapman, Sugar Hill and St. Bernard’s’ Village.

The enumerators will also be interviewing residents living in the following St. Peter districts: Ashton Hall, Tom Bend Road, Mile-and-a-Quarter, Bakers, Road View, Mullins, Cemetery Lane and Queen Street.

In St. Lucy, they will visit Fustic Village, Checker Hall, Chance Hall, Josey Hill, Mount View and Peterses.???????????? They will also be talking to residents in the following St. Thomas districts of Padmore Village; Melrose, Welches Terrace, Dukes Tenantry, Hopewell and Lion Castle Tenantry and Bagatelle Terrace.

In St. James, the enumerators will stop at Glitter Bay Terrace, Wanstead Terrace, Paradise Heights, Oxnards Heights, West Terrace Gardens, Hoytes Terrace and Hoytes Village.??

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