Minister of Education Ronald Jones is reminding students that the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examination, commonly known as the 11 Plus, is not a difficult one and the concepts on the paper are nothing that they were not taught in the classroom by their teachers.

He issued this reminder on Monday during an address at the third annual Diamonds International (Barbados) reception and presentation ceremony to honour the top 20 students in this year???s examination at the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, St. James. Each student received a Montblanc pen for their excellent results.

Mr. Jones said: ???It is not a very difficult examination. The students already have the knowledge so they only have to apply it??? It is the application of that knowledge that is important.???

He told the students and their parents that the Ministry, through its analysis over the years, had recognised that there are some students who have a ???slight aversion to examinations???.

???We have found that some students who are doing well in the normal class environment sometimes freeze when they sit the exam. If they obtained marks in the 90???s [they would] drop to the 60???s and 70???s. [In some instances], they are unable to complete the paper. Therefore, we have to find a mechanism which will allow all of our children to succeed. The country cannot exist on a select few; it has to exist on all of us [by utilising] our various talents and skills,??? Mr. Jones stated.

Meanwhile, Store Manager of Breitling Boutique, Roger Holder, encouraged the students to aim high, dream big and never let anyone derail their dreams.

???This is a very important stage in your life that will chart the course of your future. With this brilliant start, we hope you will continue to shine and be an example for other young people to follow. You are proof that hard work, dedication and a desire to succeed are the cornerstones to achieving your goals,??? he said.

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