Permanent Secretary, Minister of Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Commerce, Patrick McCaskie (right) touring the inaugural Sky Mall Builders and Homeowners’ Showcase, at Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall today. (M. Downie/GP)

Sky Mall’s inaugural Builders and Homeowners Showcase is being seen by Government as support for, and confidence in the economy by the private sector.

This was underscored today by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Commerce, Patrick McCaskie, as he addressed the opening of the exhibition at Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall, on behalf of the Minister of Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Commerce, Dwight Sutherland.

Commending the showcase and its organisers, he said: “This event, though apparently intangible in what it seeks to deliver, sends a clear signal of the private sector’s intentional resolve to positively contribute to the revival of the wider Barbadian economy.”

It was also noted that the initiative had to be understood within the context of an increasingly challenging global, regional and domestic economic environment, where the private sector’s continued effort in promoting the sustainable development of the wider Barbadian economy must be underscored.

Permanent Secretary McCaskie stressed it was important not to lose sight of the greater significance of the building and homeowners sector and what it signalled to the local, regional and international business community, namely “that Barbados remains open for business”.

“That amidst the prolonged challenges facing the Barbadian economy, Barbados has positioned itself as an economy, and yes a society that is resilient, focused and determined.  It must be understood that our legacy has never been, nor will ever be, defeatist in any stretch of the imagination,” he stated.

The showcase is being hosted by Sky Mall, in collaboration with Williams Industries Inc., under the theme Always Be Prepared.

Speaking on behalf of the Williams Group of Industries and its strategic partners, Director of Williams Industries Inc. and Managing Director (H&B Hardware and Lumber), Mark Roach, said they saw it as an “opportunity to showcase the depth of our group and to re-engage with you, our customer”. 

He noted too that it was particularly timely as June is the beginning of Hurricane Season, and being prepared was of critical importance in this age of global warming.

Acknowledging it was stamped in the minds of his group, with the recent devastation of our Caribbean neighbours, he said they wanted to offer products and services to meet consumer needs, and ensure their protection this year and into the future.

“Williams Industries is committed to Barbados. Being serious about this also means being committed to our staff, and to Barbadians in general….  This commitment has been one of the key reasons that we remain focused on reducing Barbados’ oil import bill as quickly as possible.  And, we intend that once we can get the necessary licences, we will make it possible for all Barbadians to invest in locally-owned alternative energy business until Barbados is 100 per cent powered by alternative energy,” he stated.

He disclosed that the group had just expanded the photovoltaic on the roof of Sky Mall by 363 Kw, “bringing it to the maximum that can fit on the roof, so that it can be powered more from the sun and reduce CO2 emissions into the air”.

The Builders and Homeowners Showcase is the brainchild of Operations Director of N.S.R. Limited (Sky Mall), Everick Eastmond. 

It highlighted several products and services available to the building sector, in the areas of finance, security, health and safety, among others.

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