The Christ Church East Central Constituency Council, in collaboration with the Sanitation Service Authority, the Environmental Health Department of the Ministry of Health and B’s Recycling, will be carrying out a clean-up campaign and removal of bulk waste and metal next Friday, October 26.

The drive will target the communities of Vauxhall Main Road (Sheraton side of the road), Kingsland Gardens and Kingsland Terrace in Christ Church.

Residents are asked to place their waste out for collection on Wednesday, October 24, and Thursday, October 25 for pick-up.

Appliances such as old stoves, fridges, and washing machines; glass, plastics, bottles, galvanise, wood and other items may be placed for disposal. Residents are also asked to separate their waste into plastic, paper, glass, metals and wood for easy pick up.

Further information on the clean-up campaign may be obtained by contacting Christ Church East Central Constituency ??Council Member, Decourcey Green, at 437-1136 or 250-0836.


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