Mrs. Patricia Hackett-Codrington?? is the new Director of the Bureau of Gender Affairs.??

There is a new Director at the Bureau of Gender Affairs.?? She is Patricia Hackett-Codrington, a former Programme Officer with that organisation, who has acted in the top post on several occasions from as far back as 1998.

Mrs. Hackett-Codrington’s appointment took effect on January 1, 2011.

Speaking about her new position, the Director said she was happy, but humbled by it. "There is a lot of work to be done in the area and it will not be easy, but I am prepared to work with the stakeholders, both men and women, to get the issue of gender equity recognised and further appreciated and accepted," she noted.

Mrs. Hackett-Codrington promised to meet soon with her staff to examine the Bureau’s Strategic Plan, this country’s international commitments in the area of gender, and Government’s development plans; all in an effort to pull the strands together, so a more workable plan would be in place.

She however, wants the department to engage in more research, "so there would not only be anecdotal, but empirical evidence on some of the issues being discussed in the society. To this end, I want to see an increase in staff, so we can adequately address the many concerns relating to gender," she stated.

The new Director’s educational qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree in social work from the University of the West Indies, and a Certificate in Gender and Development.

Her work experience is vast, having taught at the Springer Memorial School and the Barbados Community College. She was also employed as a Welfare Officer at the Welfare Department; an Assistant Director at the Barbados Family Planning Association; a Manager at Cottage Creations Limited, and a Field Educator with the United Nations Population Fund and a Project Officer the Bureau of Women’s Affairs, the department which the Bureau of Gender Affairs replaced.??


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