Cave Hill Campus has been urged by Education Minister Ronald Jones to remain focused amidst the ???noise??? and ???confusion??? being heard in relation to students paying tuition fees from this school year.

This appeal came today prior to his unveiling of a plaque to mark the establishment of a Confucius Institute at the Campus.

Noting that despite all its challenges, Government remained committed to the University of the West Indies (UWI), he said: ???I know young people have been saying ???you need to do more to help us over the threshold now that we have made the adjustment in tuition fees???, [but] we are committed to that.???

Stating that for the first few years, Government would assist, he said some thousands of bursaries would be given to help those who might have some challenges.

???This is already agreed to but I have not gone public with it till now. Based on the resources which we have under the Ministry???s control, we should be able to do about 3,000 bursaries,??? the Education Minister said.

While stressing this was not only for the Cave Hill Campus, Mr. Jones said: ???We have been very conscious of the students at Mona and St. Augustine. We know that in order to study you still have to carry something to help with accommodation, to get meals, books and transport, we are aware of that so those bursaries will also impact on them.

???I have further said that those persons who are studying law who go to Trinidad to do the certificate, there will be no charge of tuition fee on them. It is only in relation to the LLB done here at Cave Hill. I am not saying in the future there will not be adjustments but now nothing.???

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