Minister of Environment and National Beautification, Adrian Forde, discusses plans for the Clean and Green Campaign in Greens, St. George, with residents. (B. Hinds/BGIS)

Greens, Drax Hall, St. George, is about to become a little greener after the Ministry of Environment and National Beautification launched its Clean and Green Campaign in that community this morning.

A sizeable area currently overgrown with bush will be transformed into a park and recreational space for residents. The campaign started with a bulk waste exercise which saw the removal of refuse, including appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, mattresses and galvanize.

On hand were Minister of Environment, Adrian Forde; Member of Parliament for the area, Dwight Sutherland, as well as a number of residents from the district.

One resident, Deborah Atwell, said it was a dream of hers ever since she moved into the area 10 to 12 years ago, to see the bushy parcel of land, which will now become the community’s recreational spot, take on a new look.

“Every time I stood at my kitchen window and looked down, all I envisioned was greenery; trees, a park and children running around. I have a granddaughter and I envisioned seeing her and her friends playing in the park. I know they’ve made several attempts before to beautify this area.

“As residents, we took it upon ourselves to maintain the area but it is not a small area and everybody is not always on the same level. There are only about three or four of us who tried our best to maintain the area. I am extremely grateful. The Minister always promised that we would have a green area in Greens and he could not have put it a better place,” she stated.

Mr. Sutherland pointed out that greening was important to environments, as it reduced pollutants and environmental toxins, which could impact the body’s immune system and weaken people’s ability to fight off infections.

“So, what we are doing here is by no means a minor task of just planting trees but this can impact every single citizen in this country. If we underestimate the value of this Clean and Green programme, we are doing it to the detriment of ourselves and the country with respect to getting rid of greenhouse gases, our number one challenge as we fight this battle of climate change,” he emphasised.

Minister Forde said the Clean and Green Campaign would redefine the image of the community. He also asked Barbadians, in general, to keep their communities clean and to utilise the new garbage receptacles distributed by the Sanitation Service Authority under the Residential Waste Collection Improvement Project.  

To date, about 25 communities have benefited from the Clean and Green Campaign.

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