Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler (FP)

A government minister is pleased that inspite of the economic recession a new business entity has come into the market.

Speaking at the launch of Boyceterous Tours and Cruises, on Thursday evening at the Boatyard on Bay Street, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler, said that owner Chawn Morris, must be lauded for undertaking such a venture in these difficult economic times.

Mr. Sinckler said: "With all of the plans and projections in place, one never knows if the venture will be successful.?? In fact, one of the things that we have learnt over the years, particularly from developed countries, is that you cannot allow the uncertainty of risk or the potential for failure to stop you from taking a chance."

He also praised the Boatyard for collaborating with Boyceterous Tours and Cruises by allowing it to use its facilities.

He stated: "That [collaboration] is what we need to have in Barbados and not a situation where there is a display of a selfish attitude, where people have become successful and not lift other people up to assist them in realising?? their dreams."

Emphasising that the small business sector was characterised by undercapitalisation, the Finance Minister said that any opportunity to reverse such a situation, be it through a private or public sector collaboration, was welcomed.

"As a government we are committed to the small business sector and over the last two or three years, Fund Access has exceeded its capacity to lend.?? There are so many people who want to access funding for their respective businesses.?? They [Fund Access] have asked for more resources and that request is something that government is looking into," Mr. Sinckler said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Morris said he invested approximately $140 000 into the boat making operation, which has the capacity to hold 50 patrons.

He added that the boat was ready for sailing and it was his love for people and providing service that prompted his decision to launch Boyceterous Tours and Cruises.??????

To prospective entrepreneurs, he advised them to "go for it and chase their dreams".


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