Some businesses in Barbados seem to be on a mission to improve their overall productivity!

And to assist in ensuring that this becomes a reality, they have been eagerly taking advantage of The Productivity Council???s half-day workshop programme – Getting Everyone To Understand Productivity (GET UP).

Head of Training and Development at The Council, Shawn Callender, said a new programme would start next Wednesday, February 17, and disclosed that over 140 persons from the hotel, banking, manufacturing and retail sectors had registered for training.

Mr. Callender continued: ???We did not publicise our GET UP programme using the traditional means of mass media. Rather, the co-ordinator sent out an email to a variety of organisations, and within two days, we had the required number of registrants. Other names were submitted, representing employees of commercial banks, credit unions and insurance companies, and they will be trained in the next workshop series.

???In the three years this programme has been running, we never had janitorial companies and hotels represented before, and to have them come on board is admirable. We want to touch all the industries, especially the tourism sector because that is our number one foreign exchange earner.???

He added that there seemed to be an excitement from the managers about the productivity training. ???We can guarantee that once you leave these sessions and implement what you have been exposed to, productivity in your area should improve,??? he stressed.

Describing the sessions as highly informative and interactive, he reminded owners of small businesses and members of the public that they too could register for the programme, which would be held from mid-April to mid-May 2016. Persons should contact Roseann Morris at 626-9416, or email

Productivity best practices are shared during the sessions and some of the topics to be examined are: Why Measure Performance? The Impact of Presenteeism and Absenteeism on Productivity; The Importance of Effective Communication; and Teamwork and its Impact on Productivity. Participants will also receive important personal productivity tips.

Government has identified productivity as one of the pillars of development and Mr. Callender is on record as saying that Barbados ???needs to improve its productivity in order to generate the foreign exchange necessary to sustain our standard of living???.

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