The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) and the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary (GHNS) are aware that there is a strong odour in the area of the sanctuary, and are trying to rectify the problem.

Following a report on Tuesday of a strong smell of sewage in the area, personnel from the BWA and GHNS toured the lake near the sanctuary, and noticed a film of grease on the north-eastern corner of its surface.

Further inspection revealed that water levels had risen in the lake by about one foot, as a result of the recent rains.

BWA’s Technical Advisor, Dr. John Mwansa said “it was clear from the turbidity or colour of the water that the sediments at the bottom of the lake had been disturbed by the greater influx of water and that was what was causing the odours”. 

He added that the deluge of water, resulting from the recent rains, which naturally drains into the swamp, contributed to this condition.

Dr. Mwansa said that over the next few days, a team from the BWA would carry out further inspections and investigations of the northern side of the lake to identify possible causes for the film of grease on the lake’s surface. 

He noted that there might be a need to open the sluice gate to flush and manage water levels in the swamp, and the public would be notified accordingly.  

Barbados Water Authority

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