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During the pandemic period, the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) has observed a significant increase in the amount of grease, reaching the sewage treatment plants. As a result, the Authority is notifying the public that inspections of grease traps have been increased.

The Ministry of Energy and Water Resources (acting through the BWA), in collaboration with the Ministries of Health and Wellness and Environment and National Beautification (Environmental Protection Department), reminds home owners and businesses of the provisions of the Health Services (Building) Regulations, 1969 (“Health Services Regulations”) and the Barbados Water Authority (Sewerage) Regulations, 1982 (“Sewerage Regulations”).

They state, inter alia, that all existing and planned new buildings, as well as those buildings proposing renovations which are within an area where sewers have been laid, are required to connect to the sewerage system.

Residences and businesses that use grease or other noxious substances, and are connected to the public sewer, should have on their premises an adequately-sized grease trap as a component of the wastewater disposal system, for the entrapment of grease generated from their kitchens and other relevant operations.

The discharging of any matter likely to damage the sewer, to interfere with the free flow of its contents, or to adversely affect treatment and disposal of its contents is prohibited, and no person shall discharge grease or any other noxious substance into any public sewer.

Home owners and businesses found guilty of breaching the Health Services Regulations upon inspection, may be liable to a fine of $5,000 or to imprisonment for 12 months or both, and, in the case of a continuing offence, a further fine of $200 for each day or part thereof during which the offence continues. 

The fine for a breach of the Sewerage Regulations is $1,000 or imprisonment for 12 months or both, and $100 per day for each day the offence continues. 

The BWA will also be seeking to prosecute any repeat offenders as provided for by law.

To assist with guidelines on Grease Trap Design, persons may click here.


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