The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) has prohibited the use of water for a number of purposes, effective Tuesday, March 1.

The prohibition which will be in place until May 31, applies to the use of water for irrigation or watering of gardens, lawns and grounds; as well as for washing roadways, pavements, paths, garages, out-rooms or vehicles by hose.

The public is also prohibited from using water to fill or supply tanks, ponds, baths and swimming pools.

The only exemptions to this are dipping tanks for cattle, domestic baths not exceeding 120 litres in capacity, and elevated reserve tanks not exceeding 800 litres in capacity and connected to household sewerage or water supply systems.

General Manager of the BWA, Dr. John Mwansa in a notice issued today advised: ???While this prohibition is in effect, no person shall use or cause or permit to be used, for any prohibited purpose, any water supplied by or obtained from the pipes of the Barbados Water Authority.???

He further cautioned that it was an offence to contravene the prohibition and any person convicted of doing so will be liable to a fine of $500, and in default of payment, imprisonment for one month.

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