Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology at The UWI, Dr. Kenneth Connell, showing Attorney General Dale Marshall his blood pressure reading while medical students Anna Springer and Joshua Grant-Desire, look on. The health check was part of an initiative to commemorate May Measurement Month. (T. Barker/BGIS)

Cabinet has approved the establishment of the Constitution Reform Commission.

Attorney General Dale Marshall shared this news with the media today, after having his blood pressure checked as part of an initiative to commemorate May Measurement Month, sponsored by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.

While responding to a question for an update on the commission to review the constitution, Mr. Marshall explained that a reform, which he described as a far wider and more intensive process, would be undertaken.

“So we are embarking on a process of constitution reform. Cabinet has agreed to the establishment of the commission, and it has agreed to the composition of that commission. All of the persons who we recommended for appointment have been contacted and have agreed to serve, and therefore the Cabinet Secretary is now in the process of liaising with Her Excellency for the preparation and signing of those warrants…of appointment.

“I’m hopeful that those things will be accomplished between now and the middle of June. The Chairman, Justice Christopher Blackman, retired, has been chomping at the bit to get this work going and all of the intended commissioners are very enthusiastic,” he disclosed.

Asked when breathalyser testing would commence, Mr. Marshall said there were some things Government considered important that had to be in place before the initiative was rolled out.

“We’re ready for it, we have all the equipment for it, and there’s training that has been done for it. But Government doesn’t take decisions in a vacuum, everything is connected to something else, and this is one of those instances where, in our judgement, it is vitally important for us to make sure that all elements of the public transport system are working because when people go out, they have to be able to get back home.

“If we don’t make sure that those things are done right, what will happen is that people will try a thing, and we don’t want them to have that opportunity, we don’t want them to have that excuse, and therefore we’re putting all of those other measures in place,” the Attorney General stated.


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