Minister of Education and Human Resources Development, Ronald Jones

The Barbados Cadet Corps’ continued contribution to the personal development of young people has been recognised by Minister of Education and Human Resources Development, Ronald Jones.??

The acknowledgment came as he delivered the feature address at the Barbados Cadet Corps Expo and Awards Ceremony at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, last Saturday.

Minister Jones praised the leaders in the orgnaisation for giving back to Barbados by working with the island’s youth.??

"It is laudable that in a world plagued with challenges, where many young people have been wilting under the sway of the negative influences of society, the Barbados Cadet Corps has gained momentum and has become a positive force.?? I have been reliably informed that the numbers have grown significantly over the years to over 1500," he said.

Mr. Jones stated that organisations like the Cadet Corps helped young people to strive for a path of excellence.??

"What this demonstrates is the commitment, the pursuit of excellence, the achievement of excellence, and the reflection of excellence, and if we can have our young people wherever they are ??[and] whatever they do in the 4H movement, in the Girl Guides, in the Boy Scouts,?? in the Cadet Corps, in the Interschool Christian Fellowship, or whatever organised group they are a part of and they are able to plot a life journey at which excellence is at the vortex, is at the centre, then this country will be proud of its young people, this country can be proud of their work and can be proud of their commitment," he added.

In addition, Minister Jones noted that more organisations needed to come together to help young people.??

"…The problems confronting young people cannot be overcome by governments alone, or indeed primarily by governments.?? The fundamental flaw in the youth debate is that it is debated as a youth problem as though there is something flawed with young people.??

I would suggest that the real problem relates to the rapid change in our society.?? This is why it is vitally important that the Cadet Corps must continue to be creative, innovative and open-minded if it wants to make a difference in the lives of young people", he maintained.

The Education Minister also encouraged the cadets to continue to make their parents, schools, communities and country proud and to positively influence the lives of their peers.


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