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As part of the effort to strengthen and develop the local rabbit industry, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security will be hosting a series of workshops, over the next few weeks.

The first in the series, a Cage and Feeder Making workshop, comes off tomorrow, Saturday, June 12, at the Animal Nutrition Unit (ANU) Building, Pine Basin, St. Michael, from 8:45 to 11:30 a.m.

It is a collaborative effort between the ANU and the Barbados Rabbit Farmers Association (BRFA), which targets farmers interested in making their own rabbit cages and feeders and will teach them how to design these accommodations, so that they can save money. They can also use the knowledge gained to expand their own rabbitry.

Main facilitator for the event will be President of the BRFA, David Waldron.

Interested farmers are required to pay a fee, and may register via WhatsApp at 244-5738, or https://bit.ly/3iloGTw. Cage and feeders will also be available for purchase, and there will be opportunities to win a number of “farmer friendly prizes”.


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