The Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office (CAIPO) will be relocated to the 7th Floor, Baobab Towers, Warrens, St. Michael, on February 21 and 22.

The new PBX number is 625-2400, while emails may be sent to, and faxes to 437-3072. The CAIPO website may also be accessed by logging onto

One of the Deputy Registrars at CAIPO, Kevin Hunte, said the department’s computer systems would be shut down from the evening of February 20, to facilitate the transportation of the servers and other equipment.

He added that on February 21, and 22 corporate and intellectual property files and other equipment would be transferred to the new location.

Mr. Hunte said the Office would resume receiving documents on February 25, but would not be fully functional until March 4 and 5.

Members of the public are asked to arrange their business accordingly. The Registrar and staff regret any inconvenience this move may cause.

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