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Officers in the Ministry of Energy, Small Business and Entrepreneurship are hoping that Barbadians would become energy champions when the curtain comes down on this year’s Energy Awareness Month of activities.

Technical Officers, Frank Branch and Damien Harewood, expressed this hope today during a live telephone interview on 98.1 FM The One radio station with Shayne “DJ Ras” Harewood, as part of the Ministry of Energy’s radio promotion series.

Mr. Branch told listeners that during the month, the Ministry of Energy would be educating about and promoting greater awareness of energy consumption measures and renewable energy sources.

His colleague, Mr. Harewood, is encouraging all Barbadians to participate in Energy month by being energy champions.  

“You might ask ‘What is an Energy Champion?’  An energy champion is someone that leads by example in the conservation of energy, energy efficiency and who would encourage their friends, family and workmates to do the same,” he underlined.

During the interview, Mr. Branch touched on the importance of saving energy. He explained that consumers paid for every kilowatt of electricity used doing tasks such as ironing or going into the refrigerator constantly for drink or consumables.

“When you waste energy, it’s like throwing money into the wind.  Over 90 per cent of electricity generated in Barbados is from fossil fuels. The more electricity you can save; the less fossil fuels we would have to import.  As a result, Government can use the monies saved to invest in road improvement, health care, education and other projects,” the Technical Officer added.

The officials also explained the differences between energy conservation and energy efficiency and the behavioural change practices Barbadians needed to adopt.

Mr. Harewood suggested that consumers turn off all lights when leaving the room; shutting off the television before going to bed; turning off fans and other cooling devices when not in use; reducing the number of trips to the refrigerator; and unplugging unused charging devices.

Likewise, Mr. Branch advised householders and businesses to invest in energy efficient appliances, such as LED light bulbs and televisions; inverter air conditioning units, and front loading washing machines.

“Energy efficient appliances may cost more money, but they will save more energy and by extension, money, over the lifetime of the appliance.  You can also claim for an energy audit and an energy retrofit on your income tax. LED lights are one of the most common pieces of energy efficient equipment…. Save energy, save money,” he noted.

Energy Month is celebrated annually during November. The theme for this year’s celebration is Ascendance to Independence through Sustainable Energy.


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