Every new housing development in Barbados should have the properties landscaped.

This was underlined by General Manager at the National Conservation Commission (NCC), Keith Neblett, as he spoke about the importance of trees during a press briefing to launch a week of activities leading up to Arbor Day. It will be observed on Saturday, September 22.

Mr. Neblett said that when land was sold for development, a percentage should be included in the overall price to have the property landscaped. "What happens now is that people build a nice home and struggle for years to have it landscaped when it will cost less than 10 per cent to landscape it," he said.

He pointed out that landscaping a property added to its value, improved the environment, and reduced the runoff going into the road.

The General Manager noted that while some homeowners were making an effort to landscape their property, opportunities needed to be provided for landscaping to be included in packages which are made available for first-time owners. "If it could be included it would make a difference in having a complete project," he said, noting some private developers were including such services in their packages.

Mr. Neblett is also advocating for the use of Grasscrete in driveways as it would assist with reducing runoff, the possibility of flooding and adds value to properties.

Grasscrete is the green alternative to standard concrete surfaces for parking lots and driveways. It contains 47 per cent concrete and 53 per cent holes which may be filled with grass.


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