If you know of individuals, groups, organisations or schools dedicated to promoting the importance of trees and environmental stewardship, then the National Conservation Commission (NCC) would like to hear from you.

The Commission?? is?? seeking nominations for the Timothy Hoyte ??Award, which will?? honour?? an?? individual or group that has facilitated, engaged in and, or promoted tree planting, and ??environmental awareness, over the 12-month period, September 2009, to ??August ??this year.

Minister of the Environment, Dr. Denis Lowe, will present the annual award at this year’s National Arbor Day celebrations on September 22.

Special consideration will be given to individuals or groups responsible for the successful execution or coordination of an event or project involving a large segment of the community. ??It must have also achieved the following objectives: improve or change the attitudes of the populace at the community or national level and substantially increase forestation.

The deadline for the submission of nominations is September 15. ??Members of the public are asked to submit the names of their nominees with justifications to the NCC, on or before that date.

Timothy Hoyte was a dedicated pioneer in the field of agriculture and horticulture, having accumulated over 50 years experience in the field. An employee of the Ministry of Agriculture from 1931 until his retirement ??in 1968,?? he subsequently, joined the Parks and Beaches Commission in 1970 in the capacity of Field Superintendent.

In 1979, when the commercial arm of the Commission was established, Mr. Hoyte supervised the landscaping of the airport grounds. He was also the senior supervisor in charge of the Heywoods Holiday Village Complex.

Mr. Hoyte continued at the Commission until his retirement in July 1987. In 1995, he returned to the NCC in a different capacity to serve a four-year stint on the Board of Directors, thus continuing his invaluable contribution.

For additional information on the nomination process, persons may contact the NCC’s Special Projects Officer, Ricardo Marshall, by telephone at 425-1200 or via email at www.nccbarbados.gov.bb. cgaskin@barbados.gov.bb

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