Private and public sector professionals in Barbados are being called on to submit research papers for Volume 8 of the Journal of Public Sector Policy Analysis, which is published by the Research and Planning Unit of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.

All papers must be submitted via email to, and the deadline for submission is Tuesday, March 31. The Journal is expected to be published on Thursday, April 30.

For details pertaining to the research paper criteria, the public may contact Kelly Hunte at 310-1354. ??An official of the Research and Planning Unit said the papers could be academic, that is, discussing key policy initiatives which are not of a sensitive nature, or a research topic of a personal choice.

The Journal of Public Sector Policy Analysis was first published in 2007, and contains analytical commentaries on pertinent economic and social issues confronting the society. It is the first academic journal to be produced by the public service of Barbados.

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