Minister of the Environment, Dr. Denis Lowe

A call has gone out for Barbadians to adopt sound environmental practices given the current economic climate.

It has come from Minister of the Environment, Dr. Denis Lowe, who noted that in spite of the global financial crisis, which continues to wreak havoc on both developed and developing nations, “Government continues to be committed to advancing a well-managed economy that gives rise to progressive social growth and development and sound environmental practices.

“So that we have to manage our water resources better; we have to look at systems that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and we will have to look at new technologies for waste management and for energy generation,” he intimated.

Dr. Lowe said his Ministry was hoping to benefit from a “substantial improvement in its budget”, so that it could embark on a number of projects which were essential   to ensuring the continuation of a high quality of life for Barbadians.

“We have to look at alternative ways of generating energy, disposing solid waste and utilising liquid waste to ensure that every possible advantage is derived from how we execute our business.

“We have to come out of this global crisis being a far more nimble and efficient Government. Efficiency has to be our focus. I have every confidence that at the end of the day we will be a stronger nation and a better people,” Dr. Lowe observed. 

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