Those persons working with Government’s National Summer Camp Programme will be paid by this Friday, July 30.

This assurance has come from Minister of Youth, Family and Sports, Stephen Lashley, who disclosed that technical hitches had delayed the payment to camp directors, assistant directors and camp assistants.

Mr. Lashley stressed, however, that most of the information had been processed and the cheques should be issued by Friday.

The Minister specifically explained that the lack of pertinent information, which was crucial to persons receiving accurate compensation, was responsible for the hiccup. He said this information, such as national identification numbers for the 800-odd workers who were not on Government’s Smart Stream system, caused the delay.

"This has now been keyed-in and the payment cheques have been generated," Mr. Lashley declared.??

He further explained that caterers providing services to the camps, with the exception of a few whose invoices were submitted late, have all been paid.??


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