Camp Transition 2014 is on again at The St. Michael School, from August 11 to 15.

The Camp targets children who will be making the transition to secondary school, and has as a key aim to help them develop skills to master this stage.

In giving the rationale for the programme, Coordinator and Guidance Counsellor at The St. Michael School, Margaret E. Grant, stressed that it would help students develop coping and other skills for success throughout their lives.

She said: ???Entering secondary school means more than a change of uniform, more than a change of primary school, and the more children are prepared, the better they survive secondary school.

???At Camp Transition, your child will be taught the necessary survival skills to cope with the physical, social and emotional demands of life at a new secondary school. Much personal growth will take place, many life skills will be developed and all campers will be set to walk on the catwalk of excellence as Camp Transition puts them on the route to success.???

Ms. Grant also noted that past students of Camp Transition have been known to leave ready and eager to embrace their secondary school; parents are empowered and teachers always find children settle easier because they are emotionally and socially comfortable.

Each camper will receive a copy of the book Entering Secondary School: A Survival Kit For Students With Helpful Tips For Parents, written by Mrs. Grant and her co-coordinator of the camp, Shaunt??e Walters.

The book contains interactive activities and poignant reproducible worksheets, with tips to help parents provide the support system necessary for the transition to secondary school.

Camp Transition 2014 is also intended to ease the transition process for parents and help them build a healthy home-school partnership. As an added package, parents will, therefore, benefit from a free seminar that will equip them with tools to help children to excel.

The deadline for registration is Thursday, July 31, and parents may reserve a space for their children to attend by calling Ms. Grant at 250-1960 or Ms. Walters at 238-9264, or by emailing them at

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