Camp Transition is on again at The St. Michael School, from Monday, August 17, to Friday, August 21.

The camp, which targets children who will be entering secondary school for the first time, is intended to help them develop skills to make the transition.

It will focus on techniques to help overcome the social, physical, academic and emotional challenges commonly experienced by students who are new to secondary school life.

Early registration will be held on Monday, July 27, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at The St. Michael School, Martindale???s Road.

Camp Transition 2015 is also intended to ease the transition process for parents, helping them to build a healthy home-school partnership. As an added bonus, parents will, therefore, benefit from a free seminar that will equip them with tools to help their children excel. The Parents??? Empowerment Seminar takes place on Tuesday, August 25, at the school.

Parents may reserve a space for their children at the camp and for attendance at the seminar by calling co-coordinators, Margaret Grant or Shaunt??e Walters, at 250-1960 and 238-9264, respectively. They may also email them at The deadline for registration for both is Friday, August 7.

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