Efforts are in train to establish a local Canine Breeders’ Registry.??????

Animal Control Officer, Curtis Thompson, pointed out that this has become necessary as the Department responsible for the dog population makes an effort to identify persons breeding dogs and what types were being bred.

He explained that some persons were mixing breeds without undertaking adequate research and were not taking into consideration the temperament of the canines.??

"We have noticed that some breeders are [mixing breeds indiscriminately] and when you do that you cannot be sure what you will end up with.?? As a result, we would not be able to define the stock of dogs we currently have or will have in the future," Mr. Thompson outlined.??

It is envisaged that the registry will complement the proposed Canine CODIS (Combined DNA Index System), comparable to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s human CODIS – a computerised archive that stores the DNA profiles of criminal offenders and crime scene evidence.?? The Canine CODIS will contain the individual DNA profiles of dogs that have been seized during dog fighting investigations and from samples collected at suspected dog fighting venues. This new state-of-the-art system will provide an essential tool for law enforcement officials to prosecute dog fighting cases.

All canine breeders are, therefore, urged to call the Centre at 425-5559 between 8:15 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., to register.??


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