In an effort to identify canine breeders and to regulate the breeding of dogs in Barbados, the Animal Control Centre is urging all commercial and ???back yard’ breeders to contact the agency.

This has become necessary since, according to Animal Control Officer,??Curtis Thompson, some persons were breeding dogs indiscriminately, sometimes without understanding the long and short-term repercussions. "Some persons, acting as breeders, are mixing breeds without adequate research and when you do that you cannot be sure what you will end up with.?? You need to take into consideration the temperament of the canines," he outlined.??????

The intention is to educate all commercial and ???back yard’ breeders and, ultimately, create a canine breeder’s registry to complement the proposed Canine CODIS (Combined DNA Index System). Like the FBI’s human CODIS, a computerised archive will be used to store the DNA profiles of dogs that have been seized during dog fighting investigations and from samples collected at suspected

dog fighting venues. This system will provide an essential tool for law enforcement to prosecute dog fighting cases.

All canine breeders are, therefore, urged to call the Centre during normal working hours at 425-5559.


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