Public, private and civil society leaders will soon have an opportunity to meet and explore the major issues shaping the Information Communication Technology (ICT) connectivity agenda for securing and advancing the region’s interest in the changing digital economy.

The event will be the sixth Caribbean Ministerial Strategic Seminar, which will be held at the Hilton Barbados from Thursday, October 2, to Friday, October 3. It will have as its theme “Forging Ahead to a Connected Caribbean” and will be organised by the Caribbean Telecommunications Union. 

The objectives of the workshop include: presenting practical strategies for business development in the Information Age; discussing the regulatory imperatives, partnerships and alliances for a “Connected Caribbean”; prioritising actions and establishing indicative schedules for accelerating Caribbean connectivity and transformation.

Some of the critical issues which will be discussed are: industry mega-trends in today’s rapidly evolving markets; industry issues of greatest importance to regional business and government leaders; and new policies and initiatives to drive Caribbean economies towards a truly competitive and innovative ICT environment.

One of the guest speakers at the seminar will be “Father of the Internet”, Dr. Vinton Cerf. Dr. Cerf’s work has shaped the underlying technology used to develop the Internet and has resulted in the creation of entire industries and the transformation of modern life. He currently holds the title “Chief Internet Evangelist” at leading search engine company Google Inc.

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