Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, enjoying a presentation at the teachers’ conference.
(A. Miller)

"Take a little and live long".

This often used Barbadian expression was rendered in the form of advice from Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones yesterday evening, to members of the Caribbean Union of Teachers, during the opening ceremony of their 35th Biennial Conference, held at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.??

"At this particular time, where our economies are being battered, where we are being challenged to do more with less; we have to…reflect on how much we should demand and how much we would want to take, because the more we take the less there is to respond to the calls of our population.?? To respond to the tens and thousands of young citizens that we have a responsibility to rear and to give hope…," he stated.

Pointing out that the financial situation in the region was becoming increasingly fragile due to external economic dynamics and that this had resulted in the education sector being placed under threat, he implored educators to assist in the reduction of this threat.??

"In our countries we try as much as we can to provide free education to our young people and we don’t want to change that; we want to build upon that because we know that the young people are in fact our future…Put your own individual

desires at bay for the moment and work towards the national good, towards a time when there is a little more to share. That does not say that you surrender, but that you add your voice to how we can create more for everyone," Mr Jones implored.

The Education Minister also touched on the importance of regional bodies working together to meet current challenges more effectively.??


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