Ambassador of Barbados to Cuba, Philip St. Hill raises the Barbados flag as Dean of the CARICOM Corps, Claris Charles and current Chairman of the Corps, Marciano Edgar Armaketo, raises the CARICOM Standard. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade)

Ambassadors and Heads of Mission from CARICOM countries resident in Havana gathered yesterday at the residence of Ambassador of Barbados to Cuba, Philip St. Hill, for a short token ceremony in commemoration of CARICOM Day, which is celebrated on July 4.

At the 23rd Meeting of the Council for Foreign and Community Relations (COFCOR) held from May 7 to 8, 2020, the Foreign Ministers agreed that the CARICOM standard should be flown together with the respective national flags at all diplomatic Missions of CARICOM countries across the world from CARICOM Day.

In this regard, Ambassador St. Hill organised the raising of the CARICOM standard at his residence. All CARICOM Ambassadors, except one, who was outside of Cuba, attended the token ceremony.

In her remarks to the group, Ambassador of Grenada and Dean of the CARICOM Corps in Havana, Claris Charles, stressed the importance of CARICOM’s unity as a prerequisite in the international community as a means towards realising our joint interest. She also thanked Ambassador St. Hill for his initiative.

The CARICOM Missions in Cuba are awaiting the arrival of a set of CARICOM flags to allow them to act in accordance with the COFCOR decision.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

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