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Communiqué issued at the conclusion of the Forty-Second Regular Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), 5 – 6 July, 2021.

Statement by Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community re: Situation in Haiti 

Taking into account the Report of the Haiti Expert Group and its update on the situation, Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) expressed their grave concern over the untenable situation in Haiti which is in the throes of a protracted political, constitutional and humanitarian crisis. They were particularly alarmed by the precipitous deterioration of security, calling into question the state’s ability to protect the people of the country.

Heads of Government condemn the escalating violence, the wanton killings and the ravages of the armed gangs seeking to expand their territory and influence.

Heads of Government are deeply disturbed by the resulting internal displacement in the capital in particular of thousands of persons, including persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, and by the impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators of these crimes.

The Heads of Government view as unacceptable, the breakdown of law and order, the shrinking of good governance and the range of developments adversely affecting the well-being of the Haitian people that are contrary to the principles enshrined in the CARICOM Charter of Civil Society, the normative moorings of the Community. 

These principles give life to good governance – respect for the constitution and the rule of law; the effective administration of justice and maintenance of its independence and impartiality; enjoyment by the people of their fundamental human rights and freedoms, including the right to assemble and to demonstrate peacefully and to select their representatives through free, fair and secure elections at the appointed time; the complementary roles of government, the social partners and the citizenry; and morality in public affairs.

Heads of Government express their support for dialogue between the contending parties, an approach that has become more acute as the overall situation deteriorates, and reiterated the Community’s willingness to extend its good offices in attaining a Haitian-led peaceful resolution to the current impasse.

The Heads of Government underlined the importance of creating the enabling conditions, without which there can be no transparent, inclusive and secure elections, by curbing insecurity; enhancing transparency, impartiality and popular confidence in the conduct of the scheduled electoral process; eliminating voter disenfranchisement; and avoiding the controversial referendum.

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