Minister of Youth, Family and Sports, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, yesterday lauded the students at the Alexandra School for creating the ???Caring Coin Project’ – a coin drive to benefit the Farrs Children’s Home and the Barbados Asthma Association.

Deemed by Dr. Byer Suckoo as "a worthwhile cause", the project was designed by the student Council, to help those who are less fortunate at both institutions.???? The Minister explained that the Barbados Asthma Association provided inhalers and other devices to persons who could not afford the treatment that they needed, and commended the Student Council and the teachers for their support.??

"Young people reaching out to help young people is a beautiful thing.?? I want to thank you as the Minister who has responsibility for the Child Care Board and the Children’s Home. It really is good that you are developing that social conscience and awareness that there are people around you that are not as well off as you are," the Minister stated.

In delivering the feature address, Director of the Child Care Board, Joan Crawford, explained how significant their contributions would be.

"Today I am seeing positive things from our young people and you are a shining example… All of us have an opportunity in our lifetime to make some impact.?? This coin project will be your opportunity to make an impact into the lives of those persons who suffer with asthma and those children who reside in Farrs Children’s Home," Ms. Crawford said.

The project will be ongoing at the school and other entities have agreed to have collection points placed at their businesses.??

While delivering the closing remarks, Principal, Jeffrey Broomes, stated that the school encouraged the development of a social conscience.?? "We make a living from what we get, but we make a life from what we give. And as we give here, we make a good life for ourselves and others. You come here to learn but you leave here to serve…serve your country, serve the legacy of your school … and serve those who are less fortunate than you are," he said.??

The principal also explained that there have been students of The Alexandra School who have been wards of Farrs Children’s home and there were numerous students who live with asthma at the school. He also recollected the experience of a fourth form student who died after suffering an asthma attack. Mr. Broomes revealed that the school would have a collection of coins every week.??

The Farrs Children’s Home, a landmark in St. Peter, is located adjacent to the Allendale Plantation. The original building was constructed in 1910 and was first used as a hospital, but now houses 19 children ranging from eight to 17 years old.?? It was opened in 1967 by the late Violet Gittens, a pioneer in the child care movement in Barbados.

The launch also saw performances by students and teachers in dance, poetry, and song.??




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