Staff of the Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Council were recently praised for their dedication to duty as they gathered at the Crane Beach Resort in St. Philip to celebrate their 20th anniversary, on Friday December 19.

Minister of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development, Senator Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, thanked the Council???s staff for their hard work, discipline and commitment over the years.

She said: ???While very small, the Council has been making an enormous impact on the achievement of the Ministry???s mandate, as it relates to the strengthening of the country???s education and training system???

“Your performance and achievements are quite impressive placing you in a class of organisations far bigger, when it comes to good governance and successful outcomes.???

The featured speaker was Sandy Lane???s Assistant Golf Course Superintendent, Colin Holligan, who also praised the Council for its National and Caribbean Vocational Qualification (N/CVQ) Programmes, which provided the opportunity for him and his members of staff to become certified.

He said: ???To date, 36 candidates have been certified in Amenity Horticulture Level 1 at Sandy Lane. We also currently have six candidates in the pilot programme for the CVQ in Amenity Horticulture Level 2.

“Members of staff who have completed the certification are, for the most part, more focused and dedicated to their role at Sandy Lane. They often speak of the need for them to work according to the N/CVQ standard and many of them boast of being N/CVQ certified.???

The TVET Council Act was passed at the end of 1993, and the Council was established in 1994 to coordinate and manage the vocational education and training development system in Barbados.

It was a response to the international policy of standardising education and training, separating the delivery from the management of training systems, while placing greater emphasis on articulation and better quality assurance.

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