National Arbor Day, a day dedicated to planting trees, will be observed on Thursday, September 22, under the theme, TREES: The Circle of Life.

As part of the celebrations, the National Conservation Commission (NCC) will be hosting an Arbor Expo and plant sale, and will be awarding the Timothy Hoyte Award to a deserving individual or group.

The Timothy Hoyte Award is an environmental honour presented to an individual or group that has consistently facilitated, engaged in and/or promoted the importance of trees and tree planting, as well as highlighted the importance of environmental awareness in general over the period September 2009 – August 2010.

The NCC is inviting the general public to submit nominations for this award, along with justifications to Ricardo Marshall at rmarshall-ncc@caribsurf.com by September 15, 2011. Nominations may also be mailed to Ricardo Marshall, National Conservation Commission, Codrington House, St. Michael, P.O. Box 807E.

Special considerations will be given to individuals or groups that have successfully executed or co-ordinated a single event or project. However, the project must have improved the attitude of the public at a community/national level or played a role in substantially increasing forestation.


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