The Ministry of Health’s Vector Control Unit will now fog areas of Christ Church, tomorrow, Tuesday, September 29 and not St. Philip, as previously announced. This change is because of the funeral service of former Princess Margaret Secondary School student, Ian Elroy Gibson, scheduled for tomorrow in St. Philip in St. Philip.

Therefore, the fogging team will visit Christ Church on Tuesday, September 29, and fog Graeme Hall Park, Maxwell Hill, Kendal Hill, Briar Hall, Kendal Hill Park, Silver Hill Landing Scheme, Silver Hill Housing Area, Silver Hill and its environs.

On Wednesday, September 30, the team will journey to St. Philip and target Harlington, St. Martins, Mangrove Terrace, Mangrove Road, Oldbury Road, Rock Hall, Gemswick, Manderley Gardens, Mangrove Development, Garrett Road, Rock Hall and neighbouring districts.

The Ministry of Health regrets any inconvenience caused by the change in its schedule.

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