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There has been a change in telephone numbers at several departments of the National Assistance Board.

The PBX number is now 535-3131. The Director and Assistant Director may now be reached at 535-1818, and 535-1820, respectively.

The new contact numbers for the Vauxhall Senior Citizens’ Village are 535- 1808/09/10, while the Jorris Dunner Elderly Day Care Centre may be reached at 535-1801, 535-1802 or 535-1803.

The St. Philip branch, located at Six Roads, may be reached at 535-1804, and the Speightstown Seniors’ Recreational Activities Programme at 535-1807.

To download the updated list of telephone numbers for the various ministries and departments, persons may click [media-downloader media_id=”19747″ texts=”here.”]

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