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The public is advised that the telephone and fax numbers at Government Headquarters have changed. The new PBX numbers are 535-5300; 535-5301; 535-5302; 535-5394 and 535-5395.

Some of the new fax numbers are as follows: Defence and Security – 535-5653 or 535-5660; and the Registry of the Prime Minister’s Office – 535-5632 or 535-5655.

The public is also asked to note that the Treasury Department has new telephone and fax numbers. Some of the new numbers are: PBX – 535-0901; Accountant General – 535-0902; Deputy Accountant General – 535-0904; and Administration – 535-0928. The new fax number is 535-0994.

The updated list of new telephone numbers may be downloaded [media-downloader media_id=”19747″ texts=”here”].


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