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Homeowners and businesses will be legally required to provide a receptacle for the receipt of mail, effective Monday, June 1.

This falls under the new Post Office (Delivery) Regulations, 2019, which states that “a receptacle for mail delivery at a residence, office complex or commercial building is a mail box, while a receptacle at an apartment building or condominium is a cluster box unit”.

Postmaster General at the General Post Office, Valeta Best, explained that the new requirement is being introduced as a part of the Post Office’s strategic objective to continue providing good customer service by delivering a more efficient service to residents and businesses.

Ms. Best added that one of the advantages of these regulations is the reduction in the amount of visits that postmen have to make to the same location to deliver a particular mail item.  Consequently, the Post Office will be better able to utilize its resources.

During the upcoming months, the Post Office will continue to sensitize members of the public about other improvements to the delivery of mail.

Persons requiring further information should contact the Customer Service Desk at 535-3956 or 535-3953, or visit the Barbados Postal Service’s Facebook page.


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