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Members of the public are asked to note that a revised Fire Service (Fees) Order 2020 will take effect from Wednesday, April 1.

Under this Order, persons who wish to use an open flame outside of their homes for a bonfire, barbecue or any form of open flame, will now be required to purchase a Burn Permit from the Barbados Fire Service (BFS) at a cost of $150.

Persons who require such a permit for commercial purposes will be required to pay that cost annually.

In addition, a fee of $250 will also be imposed for repeat responses by the BFS to false alarms, due to malfunctioning and poorly maintained fire alarm systems.

This Order also reflects an increase in the non-emergency services provided by the BFS, such as Fire & Life Safety Inspections, Plan Reviews and Fire/Incident Reports.

To view the full Order, please visit the Barbados Fire Service’s website.

Barbados Fire Service

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