The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA), on receiving a report regarding the unusual pricing of half of a melon sold at $8.22 per kg by Channell Supermarket, investigated the matter.

A cordial discussion between the General Manager of Channell Supermarket and the DCCA revealed that the melon under investigation was incorrectly priced, as the retail price for whole or cut melon should have been $5.50 per kg. 

Management of Channell informed the department that the unintentional price affixed on the melon was indeed the price for special cut pre-packaged melon, which is sold at $8.22 per kg.

The General Manager of Channell Supermarket has thanked the DCCA for investigating the matter and has sincerely apologized for the error in pricing, as well as the inconvenience caused to customers.

Consequently, Channell Supermarket has agreed to reimburse all customers who would have purchased whole or cut melons at $8.22 per kg. 

These customers are encouraged to visit any Channell supermarket to receive the difference in price, on presentation of the official receipt of purchase.

The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, which has the dual role of ensuring the preservation of commerce and being the guardian of consumer rights, is satisfied that the supermarket has taken the right decision.

However, while the DCCA anticipates that consumers will continue to draw to the attention of any entity perceived irregularities in their pricing, the department also encourages consumers to execute their responsibility by reporting these incidents, witnessed in the market place, to the DCCA.

On receipt of such reports, the department will investigate the matter and take enforcement action, including moral suasion to ensure that neither entity is disadvantaged.

Meanwhile, the DCCA is encouraging retailers and wholesalers to maintain the pre-COVID-19 prices during this current pandemic.

Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

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