Food Bank Manager, Donna Barker, receiving a cheque and foodstuffs from spokesperson for the Chelsea Boyzz, Kirk Phillips. In the background from left to right are City of Bridgetown Credit Union representative, Leanna Small and Chelsea Boyzz members Romeo Mayers and Klynn Hackett.??

The HIV/AIDS Food Bank today received a donation of approximately BDS$1,500 in food and a cheque worth over BDS$500 from a group of young men called the Chelsea Boyzz.

The group donated the foodstuff and money after hosting a "slippers, shorts and socks" fete to encourage persons to give food items to those affected or infected with HIV/AIDS.

Spokesperson Kirk Phillips noted that the association was always interested in giving back to the community and used the party as a fun way to raise money and have persons donate non-perishable food.

Manager at the Food Bank, Donna Barker, thanked the Chelsea Boyzz for their donation, noting that she was impressed by the fact that some community-minded young men got together for a worthy cause.??

The HIV/AIDS Food Bank was established to ensure that the nutritional needs of persons infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS are being met.??

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