Acting Chief Education Officer, Laurie King presents breakfast gift basket to retired Principal Esme Bascombe who was one of??his mentors??while she (Ms. Bascombe) served??as headmistress at the Pine Primary School (now Grantley Prescod Primary).????

Every year, the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development shows its appreciation to past educators by honouring over 70 retirees during Education Month, which runs from October 1 to 31.??

According to Acting Chief Education Officer, Laurie King, this year was no exception. He, along with several education officers, made a number of presentations to the recipients while engaging them in discussion on past and present educational issues.

A breakfast gift basket was given to Mrs. Esme Bascombe, a retired Principal. In describing her contribution, Mr. King said, "she has given yeoman service to this country’s citizens for over 40 years, and she continues to serve this community, even though she is now retired."

The education official also remembered Mrs. Bascombe as one of his mentors, when he started his teaching career at the then Pine Primary School (now Grantley Prescod Primary), over 34 years ago. "Mrs. Bascombe was an individual who was always very knowledgeable and professional in her approach to teaching, and who often went beyond the call of duty to ensure that her young charges received the best education possible," Mr. King stressed.??jgill@barbados.gov.bb

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