The headquarters of the Child Care Board at Cheapside, Bridgetown. (FP)

The Child Care Board has seen a reduction in the number of children who are accommodated at the fifteen (15) Government-operated Day Care Centres across the island.  As a result of this reduction, it became necessary to reduce the number of employees. 

These staff came mainly from the substitutes who serve as relief workers during instances of sick leave, vacation leave or emergency leave.

In addition, some members with short-term contracts were asked to stay at home for the remainder of the month.  This would allow the Board to meet the guidelines associated with COVID19.

They have all received their monthly wages and salaries and will be reabsorbed into the Residential Care Programme effective April 1, 2020, if the situation continues as it is in the Day Care Centres.

The Child Care Board wants to inform parents that the Day Nurseries are still open for business and that strict guidelines will be enforced to ensure the safety of staff, children and parents.

It should be noted, however, that consideration is being given to and discussions being held with a trade union with respect to a unique situation. 

We will continue to work with all unions with respect to all matters relating to workers and the care of the children of this nation.

Child Care Board

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