Children are the best advocates for change, especially when it comes to protecting the environment.

And, Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe, is encouraging students of the West Terrace Primary School to take home the knowledge gained and share it with their families and friends.

He made these comments just before touring the school???s gardens and water projects recently, as part of the celebrations to mark Environment Week which concludes on Saturday, June 6.

???Let me make it abundantly clear that what becomes of Barbados tomorrow lies in the hands of all of us irrespective of our age and what we do with what we call Barbados,??? the Minister told the students, stressing that the island was not just about sun, sea and sand.

Noting that the country would face challenges such as those being experienced with the sargassum seaweed, Dr. Lowe noted that it was the way these problems were handled that made a difference.

He also had some advice for the students on the subject of health, urging them to stay away from snacks which he said impacted negatively on the environment and their health.

???It generates waste. We consume products that are contained in packages that are not biodegradable and packages that can move freely around the country, if airborne,??? he pointed out.??But, he stressed, every piece of waste that had to be managed was paid for by the state and was a heavy burden.

The West Terrace Primary School received $35,000 through grant funding from the Ministry???s Grant Fund to Non-profit Organisations during Environment Month 2013.??The aim of the school???s project was to promote environmental stewardship among the students through the enhancement of the school environment.??

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